PlayFool Memories

Do you ever have days when you were kids and have naughty thoughts and days, like wanting to do an experiment? Or play a prank? Or just do something really mischievous?

I’m sure all of us have that moment in our lives… Doing something we are not supposed to. If you don’t.. ( I think you’re an alien…) at least the thought ran past your mind (am i not right?).


So, I’m gonna share my (and some of my sister‘s) naughty days..


Toilet paper:

Well, mainly, as the title suggest, my sisters and I played with toilet paper.. I know of some friends that use toilet paper to wrap their siblings up like a mummy. But, that’s not what i did and i’m sure some of you have done what I’ve done too, when i was a kid.

Take a bunch of toilet paper, wet it with water till its drippy,ball it up and throw at your target. It splatters and sticks.

You see, my sisters and I share a room and it so happens that below my room window, is a driveway. Back then, my sister was still in primary school and being mischievous, is a norm. Thus, this happened…

A couple was at the driveway, standing outside their car, just below my window (we live on the second floor). The guy, was proposing to the lady, holding both her hands. At this point of time, my sister broke the spell of love and threw down a wet toilet paper ball, which splattered right in between them. Both parties looked to the ground, puzzled, then looked up, to find the culprit. By then, my sister had already crouched down, out of sight, laughing to herself. I did not know who she targeted or if it was intended to be splattered to anyone’s face, but, there you go. Kids. My story is slightly different.. All i ever did was to throw it on the cars parked in the car park. Of course, my intention was to make a masterpiece… But, it never worked.


Beetles and Insects:

Most kids these days are scared of creepy-crawlies and start screaming at the sight of it. Not to mention, if they are being crawled on, All hell would break loose. But some kids, like myself and my sisters, are not that much afraid of insects and crawling-flying small creatures. We are more like Kampong kids. But, in a slightly sadistic way. *Sadistic Laughter* I have no idea why. But, it seems like there are always beetles in our house, clinging on to the curtains with its legs. These beetles were big, green and it makes an awfully,annoying, buzzing sound when it flies ( the ones that gives you goosebumps ). I have no idea why, but the sound of torturing…  it was just hilarious to us (sadistic, i know). This was what we did..

You know those sharpeners where you have to press the two balls on top, pull the front part out and stick the pencil into the pencil hole so you can sharpen by turning the handle ( the manual sharpener that makes your pencil really pointy and sharp)? We had that sharpener.

Firstly, we took a single wooden chopstick and sharpen it. Then we would catch a beetle and stick the sharpened side into that poor creature. And finally, stuff it into the pencil hole.. and turned the handle so its being grinded. The crunching sound of the beetle’s wings getting crushed was making us cringe and disgusted but.. We were laughing. I still have no idea (up to today) why we did it.

After all that gory blood-bath in the sharpener, we took out the waste container part where all the pencil shavings were.. and do you think we found in there..? I‘ll leave it up to your imagination.


I have a lot more stories like that.. But i think this is enough to make you guys puke and laugh your lunch out. Kids.. a bundle of messy joy with scary means.




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