Inner wolf

It was never planned.

Never asked, never knew.

It was spontaneous, fun, pleasurable..

Never a sad moment in that little time spent.

Just comfortable silence, moving hands.

She struggles with fears of her own.

A tackle,

A block,

She gives in,

He takes her.

Made a fast move. No chance given.

Nibbling and ardent kisses,

Biting and soft touches, cuddling in the dark.

He takes her pain away.

She longs for the comfort of a lover.

He, could not give her.

A lover on his other hand.

Compromise, give, take.

A little of something they could share.

Laughter and giggles echoing to the full moon.

Hunger took over, passion grew.

A single move, a heart felt desire.

Closer and nearer they were,

While the moon watches over.

Two different creatures meeting,

Just once in a full moon.

His warmth, her dead heart.

But once in a full moon,

The warmness of his nature creates,

A red, fiery, beating heart.



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