Nothing but a dream

When the night was still young,

A big package came without notice.

Silent and unexpected.

I picked it up, walked with it till I was alone.

Spending some time with it,

Letting the quiet night settle on.

I took my time to open the gift,

And to my surprise, I found myself holding a teddy bear.

The scent of the sender lingered on it.

I held it to my chest, embracing it.

But, it felt like the bear came alive to embrace me instead.

It might have been a dream or hallucination,

However, it felt too real. Almost human.

With its arms around me and soft touches,

Light teasing and caressing.

The little kisses from soft lips fell onto my skin,

Little by little.

Eventually, it found its way to my lips.

That little moment, I held on dearly to.

Making each second count.

My heart melted, longing, hoping it was my dream coming true.

Then it stopped.

Snap. Just like that.

I woke up from my dream.

Reality was a reminder,

It was just a dream of fantasy.

No. It will not happen. Can’t.

It was nothing but….



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