Braving the cold

11 August 2014, 8.08pm (Melbourne time).

While its only 6.08pm in Singapore, My friends are all having dinner, going home, or have just ended work. Me? I’m in my room. Living just beside the school I’m going to study at for 3 weeks. The best part? Forensics is on my schedule. I aspire to be a scientist and a detective that works in the crime lab and scene. This has to be a beginning. I’m already loving it despite the unbearable 10°C temperature i have to go through. Its so cold. Too cold in fact, compared to Singapore’s 29°C humidity.  

School officially starts tomorrow morning. I cant wait to experience all i’ve ever dreamed of. Studying abroad. Its just the first day and after all the orientation of the place, we managed to cook up a decent meal for an early dinner. Two of my other friends got into bed early. The third one? Probably in her room, checking up on her friends and making them jealous. 
I don’t regret making this choice to be sent to Melbourne for a short study trip. I will have to brave the cold, learn as much as i can. And since.. “Braving the cold” sounds like a good title of a poem… Here it is…

3 weeks. 

Thats all it takes.

Braving the strong, cold, whipping winds of winter.

I could not phantom how the wind got to my head.

Dizzy, excited, happy. 

“I’m finally living!”

Away from dull mundane existence of my life in another country,

I left it behind. 

Braving the wind and cold that touches my bone. 

Hurting my wary soul.

I’m still alive. 

Warm and bundled in my thick sweaters,

I still feel cold inside.

Aching cold of past i could not let go,

I closed my eyes and said..

“There is no more cold, just clinging snow.”

Braving the cold, 

I miss my home.

Not my house, no.

My home in others I’ve known.

I have to brave this stormy, whipping, aching cold.

All on my own. 


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