Care free

About a week has past, and being in Melbourne has made me felt so free of my troubles I have back in my homeland. For once, I felt like a boarding school student ( I always wondered how it felt like to feel this way, studying abroad away from everyone ). I was never the homesick kind of girl. But, i really do miss my little sister and my climbing team. They pump me up with their fun and energetic jokes and motivation.

The Sunset in Melbourne.

Well, for school, It has been a pretty smooth week, I liked the Forensics class best. Since I aspire to be a forensic scientist, this was a stepping stone. but, today’s lesson was about Fingerprints. Being the determined, high achiever me, I already read up on this a while back so, it was not news to me. I did get some new knowledge about this topic though. I did not feel sleepy in class today (Or maybe cause its TGIF). A great learning experience so far. Its only week 1 and I’m dreading to go back to Singapore. I love it here (despite the cold weather), I’m too much of an adventurer to be able to just sit down in a corner or stay in the same country for so long. I just don’t want to go back to my mundane existent world where all my troubles and problems fail to give me a gawddamn break.

Fingerprinting during Forensics

Living in the same apartment with 3 other girls from the same course as me   ( all school selected to go for this Melbourne Exchange Student Trip) is a bunch of fun. We go grocery shopping, I cook dinner every night while they clear up or prep the ingredients, making plans to explore Melbourne a bit more cause we are suppose to have an educational fun after all, right? Our first weekend, We decided to go to Melbourne Central to have a look and shop. I found a climbing gym and decided to have climb so i don’t lose my techniques and strength. I never tried an auto belay before on top rope but it seemed like it was as good as having a belayer. Even though there were minimum routes for me to try out, i had a great time climbing. The routes weren’t that easy, to be honest. All the kinds of tiles i had no chance to try, was all on the wall today. It was really mind boggling when I could not figure my way up and keep dropping down 😦 Frustrating in fact, I never liked to leave without finishing my climbs.

The high wall at Hardrock Climbing.

I guess I’m really too petite and not tall enough or I need more power training. I managed to get halfway through a 21 though. Pretty happy about that. So, since I had my fair share of climbing, Sunday we went to Victoria market. When we reached there, I was so amazed by the size of it. It was huge. Its similar to Singapore’s Bugis Street but much more interesting. I got several souvenirs for my family and friend but none for myself yet. I was happy about my buys and I really do need to get something for myself (besides the memories I’ll bring back with me). I’m gonna have to treasure and enjoy every moment I have left here. But the only thing I’m not gonna bring back is the cold (I’m whining, Its my first Winter with no snow.) Argh.

Tower in Melbourne Central
Training for up-coming Competitions

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