Why do they call it goodbye?

I hate saying “Bye”

It always mean,

I’m leaving.

Till next time.

Will I see you again?

They add the “good” in.

Like leaving is a good thing.

I don’t see the point at all.

Do you like someone leaving your life?

Don’t you feel like they are telling you,

“I’m leaving and never coming back?”

When they turn away from you,

When their eyes can no longer see you.

Don’t you miss them already?

Do those thoughts run through your mind?

“What if I never see them again?”

“Will they forget me?”

“When is the next time I get to see them?”

“Why do they just walk away like that?”

Does your heart sink?

Do you try to keep them in your sight till they are completely gone?

What is goodbye when all these things run through your mind and heart longs for things to just stay?

There is no such thing as goodbye.

Just the sound of every foot steps getting softer.

Till they are no more in your line of sight.




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