Thus, darkness.

I see a girl, sitting in a corner.

Knees hugged closely to her chest.

Cheeks resting upon her weak knees.

Tears, trickling down her face.

That dark corner.

I barely see her.

But I felt her.

Her heart aching,

Like strings tied to the veins on her fragile heart,



Hands squeezing and nails digging in.

It left me breathless.

So much aching, stabbing pain.

Then i heard,

“Its better this way. At least i feel my heart. I know its there. What’s left of it anyways. Its only a reminder.”

I understood now, why.

A dark place she can let her emotions free.

No one to see and hear her.

She longs for a comforting touch.

Something she knows that won’t happen.

Not till someone finds the key,

Open her rusty and heavy heart.

Set her free from the dark ones.

I reached out,

to share her pain



Then I realised.

The girl I see,

The girl I feel,

The girl I hear,

She’s me.

I in her.

In the dark corner,

I feel the girl’s emotions right from her heart.

Her heart that lays in the dark.


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