The Tangible kind of Intangible Pain.

I feel it.
Its untouchable.
It lingers.

I feel the pain that shot through my heart.
But I couldn’t feel it break into tiny facets.
I could not phantom.

I felt like the withering flowers in December.
Like broken sharp glasses my heart was set upon.
Whole. But broken. Torned.

Words could not Explain.
Feelings were frozen.
Stoned. I sat.
Staring at the bleak future that holds for me.
I tried.
To open me.
For him.

But I was not ready for open doors.
My mind said…”Break up or get married.”
My heart said…”Slowly let in.”
Between the thin lines of dilemma,
A deep cut into my skin.

Didn’t show the answer.
Torned skin.
Each side held a question.
I could not find the answer,
But I felt it.


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