Hopeful lie

I tell myself things would be okay.
A lie that make me hopeful things would ever turn out right.

A lie to myself that I could do it right.
I told myself I could.
I fought my mind with my heart.

Even when my feelings tells me otherwise,
My mind tried to overrule.
I found myself between the cracks.


I sat there.
Looking far off into the air.
My body, dead.

No way to tell how much time has passed.
I told myself.. “You need to move. Do something.”
But my body.. Remained still.

I lied to myself.
Masquerade in it.
When all I am inside is broken.
Yet, on the outside.. My face is blank.

I killed me.
I killed him.
I killed everything.

And that lie…
The lies society put in us.
Stayed hopeful.
A lingering hopeful lie.


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