World of difference

I wrote this poem before he left for his solo Nepal trip. Baked him a batch of cuppycakz to send him off before his birthday. I wonder if he is still lost in the world which we are in. I still am lost but every time I read back this poem… I wander further. I hope he is fine. I really need him to be better than fine.

Up to the mountains.
A route of vulnerability,
A trip through the thrill of getting lost,
If you ever do.

You’ll find many things.
Discover another part of the world.
Your surroundings.
Sunsets and sunrise would make your smiles.

Think of the animals you see,
Did you see a chipmunk dhil?
Maybe insects. A butterfly?
The different trees you see.
The shape. The way it carved itself.
Is there a willow?

Every step. It leaves a footstep.
Like how you leave things behind.
I used to think that.
Step. There goes the time.
Step. Into a new place.
A different world.


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