It comes to a point in my life,
Where I want to stab myslef,
Slap my sister in the face,
Flip the damn fucking table,
Tear all my sisters homework all because she gives me problems.
I want to leave the damn fucking house.
Leave home.
Cause all I ever get is threats after threats even being in a family.
I rely on their house.
And this is what i recieve.
What a supportive family indeed.
I want to get into accidents.
I want to get hurt.
I want to sit at the edge of the highest building and look down.
Think about life.
Take the blame.
Stone and feel my head get heavier.
I want the pain in my heart gone.
I want to take pills.
Fall into a deep slumber and not wake up.
Cause life has so much noise.
Scoldings. Verbal threats. Slamming.
I want to punch something.
Feel the physical pain.
Shut the world off.
See red.
Blood red.
And know that the frayed end of my life thread is about to break.
I fall.
Into black silence.


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