Knowledge in the silence

Know that I love you.
That despite everything that happened, I still do.

Know that when I look at the moon. I’ll always wonder about the bunny.

Know that ideas and thoughts of US, stream through my mind endlessly.
That hug.
That look.
That…. Kiss. On my forehead.
We could have had. We didn’t.
Because I was afraid. We fell apart.

Know that i long for your touch to comfort me in times of despair.

Also, the smile and face I look forward to, every time I step into the office.
My heart would beat wildly like  hummingbird wings.
Making me as breathless as an asthmatic patient gasping for air.

Know that I hoped for a sudden call from you, for nothing…and say..
” Hi, I just wanted to tell you i miss you little dolphin.”

Know that you made me see the beauty in me, when I never saw any.
I always saw the beauty in people. But never myself. You made me, see me.
Looking into the mirror, I see me, through your eyes. Even for a few seconds.

Know that when I know things aren’t going right…
But when your face and our memories come into my mind, invade my very being from doing the things I need to get done,
I smile. Simply because its you.

Because I imagine you beside me, teasing me. Talking to me.

I could almost hear the words you’re saying when the wind blew.

Know that, even if you’re the dark one, I want to be there. Help you through or join you.

To you, I’m saying I love you.
I can’t imagine a day without you in my life.
You have knocked my walls.
Signed on the bricks.
Build a little space for yourself, in my heart.

Know that I’ll keep that space for you. Till your return, if you left.
I’ll be sitting there, paralyzed.
Stoning at the signed walls, with our memories.
Waiting for you.

Know that despite all that have happened. I’m here.
To love you. I miss you dragon.
I really do miss you.
I still… Do.


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