You’re something

You’re the river that flows through my mind.
I put my hand in and you,
flow through my fingers so easily.
Leaving my hand the lingering feel of the force of the rushing waters.

You’re the light bulb that lights my life.
The warmth of the light you exude makes me brave the cold.
Even when I am afraid that it would hurt my bones.

You’re the rocks on my wall.
Adding color to my dull, weary being.
Opening my eyes to the world I have yet to see.
Cause I thought everything is black and white. No Grey.

You’re the belayer that holds my rope.
If I ever fall, I would trust you to catch me.
Hold my secrets in the little fine fibers within the rope, coiled so tightly, covered so well.
Slowly let me down, into your arms, with soft comforting whisper of words.

You’re the words on my skin.
Scripted poems and sweet words of love, written in ink.
I never knew someone who could say it the way you did.


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