Nights of you

Did you know?
Sometimes I look to the night sky.
Waiting for a full moon, so you could show me the bunny?
Everywhere I walk, you’re there.
I even hoped that suddenly we would cross paths for no reason.
I think about us. All the time.
Wanting to be in your arms.

Did you know?
The night we stayed out late
When you caress me, ever so gently
It was exactly how I liked it?
When you spoke to me in a gentle tone,
It is like a lullaby. I fell deeply for it.
Thinking back about it, I was too shy to look at you.
But at the same time, I was floating in the clouds.

Did you know?
That whenever we had a fight or a silent period
I would always cry?
I have no appetite lately?
1 meal a day forcefully.
Fear gripped me tight.
My own dark demons come back with voices.
Gagging me with odd speculations.

Did you know?
Right now as I am not doing anything
I think of you
I wonder what you’re doing.
If you are thinking of me like I am now.
What going on in that mind of yours?
I miss you.


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