When 2 worlds collide

You are that dragon in a black cave. Never came out. Engulfed In darkness. Blazing fire, frozen heart.

I was the dolphin who was drowning in my own fears and pain. Barely surfacing the water.

But you felt the little splash of water. As I was thrashing around for air.
You walked out to see who was the wretched creature that made you so brave.

And you saw me. Jumping around.
Your heart, beat at the jumps I made.
For I was a curious dolphin, that risk things, I let you drag me to shore.

I tried to explore you. But I couldn’t reach some parts. While you stroked my curved body and tamed me.

I never knew two so different creatures could get to know each other.
Learn its features, it habits, its… Love.   
But the fisherman that live between the lines of the cave and sea, forbid them from getting nearer to each other.

The dragon, was forced to its dark cave of unhappiness and hurt.
Putting himself to work on the walls of the cave.
The rocks, the scratches on it.
Trying to draw a straight line. Again.

The dolphin, thrown back brutally into a whirlpool, thrashed around by the currents.
Cut by litter life has evilly dropped in. Hoping that a net would save her.

None of that was supposed to be.
But paths were crossed.
Memories too fond to forget.
They.. Still think of each other.
I heard the dolphins whispers to the sea,
“I’ll be the one to jump in the shadows. Hoping we could be together under the sun again. Maybe when the fishermen leave, maybe then, I could be by your side again.
But for now, I’ll thread the water, swim in circles while waiting.”


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