Wandering wonder.

I wonder
About you all the time
86400 pulse of the vein.

I wonder
How we wrote the pages of our midnight stories
Till the moon sang.
Will the pen ever start writing again?

I wonder
Is the dolphin still at the back of your mind?
Like how tears linger on pillows?
Absorbed and concentrated.

I wonder
If my paranoia are delusional?
Despair and lemons on rawness
An excruciating carnage within.

I wonder
How I still am barely surviving
With complex cognitive
Down to paralysis.

I wonder
What the elucidation is, to you being
The main star in my dreams.

I wonder
How I still feel your softness on me?
The warmess of your firm partings imprinted on my cheeks.

I wonder
How once love is two hearts beating
Now isn’t the same
Me… And you.


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