I am not me, Me is not I

I’m sorry for being me

I’m sorry I have to question myself.

I’m sorry…

I don’t know…

Who I am…?

What am I?

What do I have Inside me?

Why do I feel this way?

What am I doing?

How do I change what I am feeling?

Do I need to control It?

Who am I in this place?

I’m sorry I have to carry this burden all around

All you’ll ever see is my acting.

Being happy.

Once I drop the façade after,

When I am alone…

I’m sorry my happiness is a lie

They said they care…

But how much till they give up?

They said they will always be there for me…

But in the end, why did they leave?

I question…myself

Who I am

Why I am

How I am

Everything, every time

That they tell me, I shouldn’t be…

I’m sorry to be me…


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