Our love is a 7a+
The one climb I could send
But I got stuck somewhere.
Too afraid to risk it
To make a move
Or say I love you.

Little holds
As small as bite sized biscuits
I held them tight
Then on to the next one.
Left them along the walls
Like breadcrumbs of gifts
Me to you.

I did things
Things I could
Things I wouldn’t have
Hurt you.
Blistering hands.
Somehow, dropping the rocks on your head.

But I hoped that in time
You would trad climb up to me
The place I got stuck
And send the climb with me

Reach the peak of our climb
Have the best time we could
Sit on the edge of the cliff
And share a stunning sunset with me.
Our 7a+ climb.
I’m still stuck there
And you distantly far below.


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