So much for having this group and going up and down together and everyone left the group. So what was the promise and the point of saying we will be there for each other when now we have nothing – I have nothing to hold on to? –
Fine, it was me who made things worse and killed us. But even as I do not forgive myself, you guys don’t forgive me too. What am I left with? Panic, hurt, guilt, and a whole lot of jagged thoughts. I’m sorry. I’m bad and I should have died a few years back but I’m here hurting you instead.
I’m at my end of my own. All I want to do is get rid of myself instead.
I didn’t think it would have come to this, but since it did, I’m just waiting for the rubber band to snap.
Does it not hurt for them? But my heart clenched in spiked hands and pieces of it falls off.


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