In my rage, i let out…

Do you realize this blew up only recently?
That when we were still under the surface, no one said anything?
Just because no one supports us being together and just because of one damn day I wasn’t feeling my best, people have to talk about this damn thing and make it wildly out of proportion. Maybe its me thinking too much and deep into it, but, i have to feel bad about not feeling good?! Just because I felt shitty about losing a friend and awkward because I don’t do well in large groups, then it became a problem when it wasn’t before? I don’t speak because its not my topic to be talked about. It’s between them, I don’t want to say anything that make them think otherwise of me, and now I realise that keeping quiet is a sin too. Awesome. Somebody give me a stab please, wake me up to realize that people will pile things to throw back at you just because they are not in favour of one damn thing. Maybe I’m over exaggerating but honestly, I didn’t know that I was going to be the talk of the people who don’t support the idea of us being together and i, not speaking cause I don’t feel like it is my place to speak.
This makes me feel so much better about myself and anxiety. Thanks guys. Seriously. For opening my eyes to the world that people have serious prejudice issues.
God bless my weary soul and give me strength to carry on and be better because, people can’t accept the way I am in certain situations.
This is me flaring up, though I know these words would never come out of my own mouth nor touch my lips from my throat.
All I’ll do is apologise, change and try to tame the fire. Because its my fault and I have come to terms that no matter what, I’ll be the one at fault, everyone else is too perfect.


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