How could…

When he raised the issue about redemption, I thought of quitting. I never wanted to. Its my passion.

The 2 things that made me really happy. Yet, because, just because of that damn thing, that damn person ( I’m sorry for my language but it could have been harsher words ), We wouldn’t have to be in this damn situation.

I didn’t need to go on a job-hunt to find a source to earn money to fill the gap of having to be reduced to only one session. Well, fuck. Thanks, for blowing things up. Making me feel bad about myself and sabotaging my relationship. At least that’s how i perceive it.

I try to find a job, never one to waste time, but i didn’t feel the way i did when I finally found my existing job. Not even close. Not being able to feel the happiness, I wonder why I even bother. Nothing can be compared to how i feel about my job.

Worse still, I could see that people would be happy if I left.


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