Little Joyjoy

Joyjoy is the little girl that I would protect no matter what, if I didn’t matter, she did.
She is fragile, needing love and care, yet so hopeful and filled with wonder.
She is a precious little thing.
When she is sad, she pouts. When she is happy, she would smile with her little tongue sticking out. When she gets emotional and depressed, that when I hold her tight and cuddle her to sleep.

Sometimes she gets really upset. Her heart breaks and she doesn’t feel like anything is going right. She would cry, nights with no end, pouring her pain out with the salt water that falls onto her pillow.
She would close her eyes, curl into a ball, her body wracking and shaking to the pain she feels. Choking on her tears every once in a while.

She believes that if she doesn’t see it, its not real.
If she doesn’t hear it, its not real.
Nothing is real if she pretends. She would question herself about what had happened. Or she would force herself to stop thinking about it. She needed a distraction. There are times, where I cuddle her and offer to tell her a story to distract her from her antagonising reality.
She would listen, and ask some questions to keep focus on her distraction that she held on to for her dear life.
She’s the little girl that carries the burden of the universe on her little shoulders.
I, would hug her, protect her, be there for her, I didn’t know, realise, that she became a part of me.
Little joy, sweet little girl with wide eyes and amazement. How did you end up with so much pain and still hung on?
You’re such a strong girl.
I’m proud of you.


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