Not break, but break.

So many things going on lately and I should have crumbled by Now, but here I am standing strong like nothing could break me. But then, I realized that it didn’t break my exterior, but broke my insides. I started getting sick and weak and emotionally whacked up with feelings that should have gone away but now it feels like a phase of angst hell.

Maybe its because I didn’t have my weekly exercise and its all building on to me.

I don’t know what’s going to roll. But my boyfriend and I talked things out and shared how things felt like for us. We decided to take a day off each other to cool off and release our stress. I think its a good time tomorrow for me to take a run after school and before work to let off steam. Feel the air around me and release my body aches. I need to stretch and feel the muscles roll out and extend, to feel hope and alive again.

I need to dance again. I need to be flexible and strong. I know I can do it. I just need to breathe in, and extend, exhale and let go.


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