Disrespectful. That’s what she said.

She said that she works and gives us money.

But isn’t that a mother? To provide?

She yells at me to “MOVE OUT!”

Thinking on it, I feel her regret having me.

She said “I didn’t rare you to be like that.”

It sounded like I am an animal.

She would have treated a Dog better than me anyways.

We had a talk once, about her lessening her shouting.

I guess she threw it away like rubbish.

All i needed was quiet, to study for tomorrow’s exam.

But now, I’m pouring out a week’s worth of pain.

Words. They can mean so many different things.

Words can hurt.

She doesn’t know what my boyfriend sees in me.

I’m horrible to her.

It wouldn’t have made a difference to her if I am in the coffin.

I was so sure of that.

She is biased towards my sisters.

I mean the dust to her.

Just an irritant.

A mother, she don’t know.

She doesn’t know me anymore.

The daughter who was violated time and time again.

Till she gave up on herself.

When she saw you gave up on her.

Goodbye, Mother.


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