Finding out

Prior to knowing where I was headed to, I was all kept under the dark. No clue to where I was going for 5 days. The tricky part was letting my mom know that I’ll be away for “Camp”. Which didn’t have much problem nor information to give.

My boyfriend almost let the location slip away several times but still, I was kept in the dark for a few months. Can you believe that?! Months! Till the last few days before the flight when a friend of ours were talking and he slipped the location. Hah! Caught him distracted. Tsk tsk. *smirk*

I was conflicted. Not knowing what to feel and being kept in the dark for so long had waves of different emotions crashing. But as he slowly revealed some things when he asked me to bring my harness home from work, I was starting to feel pretty much excited. I had to ask if we were climbing there and he came back with a reply.. “Obviously.” Annoying much?

Not the whole journey was smooth sailing but things were about to change when we reach there. So much stress within our circle of closeness. His mom was questioning him about who he was going with after she found out he was dating someone not within their class of expectation. He told a white lie of course. Not only did we have to deal with the unexpected development within family but also at work when our boss found out we were dating ( Hearing about it is embarrassing enough ). We had kept our relationship under the radar for 10 months.

Initially, we planned to meet 4 hours before our flight to get some brunch and make our way to the airport but after the turn of events, we had to keep it underground and when he told me that we had to come up with a new plan for meeting, my heart sank. But I kept it to myself. Why was I being so petty over this? When he ended work we had little time to talk, winning points from the parents was now priority. We planned to meet after immigration, he coming in after me.

I swear i was a lost kambing (lamb) inside the airport. that has been my third time checking in. The previous 2 times was with the school. In the end I manage to get in and send him a message on Facebook. I was worried that he won’t find me and I won’t find him but While i was going to look for him, so was he and we bumped. We did some little shopping, eating and made our way to the waiting area. While we walked, we chatted a little. We had to make some changes and sacrifices after the whole unexpected saga. Going to krabi, we can do and be ourselves as much as we like. Do things that we can’t do back home in Singapore. Like hugging and kissing and holding hands in public areas that are prone to be spotted by people we know. I was at the brink of letting my tears fall, I kept real quiet. I didn’t want a bad start to my first holiday with my boyfriend. It was painful but it had to be that way.

I guess it won’t be so bad. Stick around for my next post when I was in krabi!


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