Many first

Day 2: Speedboats and beaches

We woke up early to get breakfast and waited for the speedboat to fetch us to bring us on the 4 island tour. So many speedboats came but none was for the 4 island tour. As Dhil and I waited, we walked the beach and I saw mini tiny crabs and their holes. I was so… intrigued by their little homes and i hopped around trying not to kill them. HAHA. It was weird knowing that those tiny thing can crawl on you.

When our boat arrived, we were the last they fetched. So our adventure begins! There weren’t anymore seats so we were asked to move to the front where the wind was strong and i was an excited little girl with wind blowing my hair behind me. Dhil asked me to hold the railings cause the winds were strong and the boat was fast, I guess he didn’t want me to fly away. GAHAHAH. When we reached the 1st island, we were given time to roam around and explore. There was a tombolo connecting from the island that we were on to the next island beside it. We walked on it and it took us such a long time to do so as the waves were crashing against each other and our thighs were really working out. We took our tops off and went for a dip in the shallow waters where the fishes swam. Taking videos of the fishes swimming around me and him. after which, we went to a part of the rocky areas and climbed a little but before we could climb too high, we were asked by the guides to come down as it was dangerous. We then boarded the speedboat and sped off to another island where we snorkeled and off to another island after to have lunch that was being catered to us. The last island was the island behind the resort we were staying at, but instead of going straight back, we decided to do some shopping at Ao nang.

So we were brought back to the mainland and took a bus that brought us to a street full of shops. I bought 2 pants while walking around and we decided to get some ice cream. We walked back to where we saw Haagan Dazs and he ordered a plate of waffles with ice cream while i ordered a cone with caramel and strawberry ice cream. I was shivering by the time i was done eating as I was still wet and the air-con was blowing straight to my back. But, he was not ready to go. He ordered another cone with 2 scoops! Holy crap. Boy, was he that hungrryyyy???

Going back to Railay was by the long tail boat and I regretted changing my shorts after ice cream cause I still had to get into the water to get up. Dang. When we reached Railay, I decided to take a swim into the pool to relax my aching muscles, so we took a quick wash in our room and went to the pool by the beach. Dhil didn’t want to swim and he lounged while I swam and sat in the Jacuzzi. After i had enough swimming, we went back to the room so I could shower and we could go for dinner.

As we walked the pathway behind our resort into another row of resorts and shops and I got more and more excited to see another side of Railay I have not seen before. After a stroll, we decided to eat at the Last Bar. I decide to intoxicate myself with a cocktail which he didn’t allow me to order till I finished my food. HAHA. So After we ordered, I swear it was the best Pad thai I ever ate and It was the worse green curry he ate. I had my cocktail which I took long to finish cause I wasn’t used to the taste (It was my first cocktail ever), and decide that cocktails ain’t my thing. After that, we just strolled back to the resort and soaked in the bathtub with our bubble bombs. We chilled after the bath and I fell asleep while watching The Hobbit with him. It was a fun day with doing things I have not done before.


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