Touch down

Day 1: Touch down

When we touched down to the airport, we were taken by a bus to the arrival terminal. A small airport but a nice one. We went through immigration and he searched for a taxi to bring us to our resort. Me, being in an unknown place, have no idea what was going on, but I followed him everywhere. We passed an tourist tour counter and he looked at the tours they offered and asked if I wanted to, I still am a lost kid and let him decide. He booked for the both of us to go on the 4 island tour by speedboat the next morning. After which, we took the booked taxi to Ao nang where he felt all his stress release when he saw the sea and paid for a ride by the longtail boat to take us to our resort at Rai lay when we reached. We kept our shoes and I, rolled up my long pants and waddled into the sea that reached my thighs before climbing in to the boat. I looked all around me. The rocks that sat in the middle of the sea and the beaches that we passed by as our boat sped towards the beach where we would call home for the next few days. When we reached, the boat was anchored and we waddled once again into the sea and walked to the reception Sand sea Resort to check in. After which they brought us to our room by a club car and showed us around the room, and left us to settle down.

Dhil and I unpacked and explored the room, marveled at the bathtub and the white sheets of the bed. We on the telly and he hoped there was a channel that he often like to watch, and there was. He was a happy boy. We got out of the room eventually to have dinner by the beach and walked down the shops that they have, I was excited to buy some nice clothes they had and we bought several snacks and drinks to bring back to the room. We Watched a little telly and finally decided to shower and take a soak in the tub with the bubble soaps we bought especially for. I opened the bottle of cider ( which taste horribly of beer, Ew ) and went into the tub where he was waiting for me. We opened the sliding door that divides the room and the toilet and watched the movies they screen from the tub where from that point on, we were enjoying life. When we got out, in our nightwear, we snuggled and watched the movie, I felt tired and he told me to go on and sleep. But i was greeted with an annoying snooze and awake state of mind. So, I barely slept.




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