Day 3: Naturally Rocked

On the third day, We booked out form Sea sand Resort after we had breakfast. By then, I was pretty confused with what he was planning. He told me we were going for 3 nights. While having breakfast, I was calculating so much I got so confused. I though we were going to miss a plane. Then he explained to me.

He said that he meant to tell me 4 nights and he book 2 nights in Sandsea resort and 1 night and Centara Grand. But, there was a glitch. We had nowhere to stay for 1 night, so he suggested finding another cheap resort for a night and I realised that I went on the trip totally clueless and had no idea where or when things were happening. But I still loved it. He asked the reception if we could stash our bags in their office while we go search online for a good cheap resort deal nearby, in an internet cafe but after searching almost for an hour, we gave up and decided to take our bags with us to the internet cafe to book a cheap deal. But then again, not everything goes smoothly and he doesn’t have his credit card with him. So he just went to the reception counter of the hotel where the internet cafe was, to book a room for a night. He asked for my preference, but i didn’t want him to spend too much so we decided on a fairly nice medium room- more like a villa- and after being brought to our room by the bell boy, we settled down and explore the room. It was cool cause the bed is on a stage. Plus, the toilet has a window to look out to where the bed was. Kinkyyyyy.

By then, we could not waste any time cause then, we won’t have time to climb. So we packed our climbing gears and headed off to the natural rock walls of krabi that was just less than 10 minutes walk away from our resort. It was packed but we manage to find a route to climb, so we geared up and started to get excited about it. Sadly, my feet wasn’t feeling its best but i tried to do my best. We climbed some easy routes and though it looked easy, I found myself getting scared as i got higher, and i guessed its because if my lack in training before trying something i have not done in so long. But gladly, I manage to finish the routes. We took a break before starting on another route cause we were sweating like we did too much HIIT. But hunger set in and we took off for lunch at our resort before another climb at the beach behind. This time, I didn’t get to finish my climb, My toes were hurting so bad i dare not trust it to go higher though i kept trying, in the end, I came down and my boyfriend finished the climb for me. He was afraid he couldn’t finish it too but i’m glad he did!! It was a tough route that we had no idea what grade it was. After that, I did not want to leave as I wanted to boulder but i could not get far cause my hands started to hurt too 😦

So we started to pack up, and I had to take my shirt off cause my sunburn was so bad that a touch would sting. Guess what though? There were monkeys making an appearance and it was such a show for foreigners. After which, we went to look at the princess cave before we left and I have NEVER in my life, seen so many dick statues in my life. Literally. It was… shocking to me, cause I am pretty innocent. We left thereafter and started to head back to the resort. I can tell you, One day never goes by without it being educational when i’m with him. I told him I wanted a recovery swim and he tried all ways to wheedle out of this one.  But I wasn’t letting it go. He was coming and that’s final. So we went back to our villa to get washed up briefly before heading to the pool. After about 30 mins of being in there like kids, we went back to wash up and lay back for awhile before going out to dinner. At the same time, getting some souvenirs and a massage we so badly needed.

For the massage, I took aloe vera or my burns and he took oil. We lay there side by side enjoying. I started to laugh when the masseuse was going to crack something and his eyes opened wide. At one point of time, She tapped me before she cracked him just to make me laugh. I like her. I kept flinching once in a while when the cold aloe vera touches my sun kissed skin. But i liked the experience. Once an hour of massage was done, we paid and left to finds dinner.

He found the restaurant that he mentioned to me and we ordered our food and drinks, I scooted closer to him as i felt cold. Once my food came, and i was getting ready to eat, a stray cat went under the and scratched me! Bad kitty! The servers realized the problem at hand and chased the cat away. We finished the food ( a feast ) and it was a really good one, and made our way to the villa for a rest. After washing up and getting ready for bed, he helped my massage my sore ankle as we watched some movie on TV. Soon, I went under the covers and snuggled up to him as the night went on. Little did I know, I fell asleep as soundly as a baby.


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