I never want to say…


I watched him walk towards home, his figure getting smaller and farther.

I wonder when I’ll see him again?

To touch his face, his lips, hold him tight and kiss him

How is it goodbye if i don’t feel good when I see you walk away?


“I love you” I replied.

I wanted you to always remember that.

That feeling of how much you mean to me,

when you carry on with your work after you put down the phone.


You carried on with work and it felt like,

I’m insignificant.

I shouldn’t, I know but it sucked to just be ignored with a simple bye.


That’s what you’ll say when you fly off to somewhere,

that I can’t be with you at.

I’ll count the days and hours and minutes,

till you are finally in my arms again.

I’ll feel unsafe. My insecurities flood me.


Don’t say that please.

It may mean a proper ending of a phone call,

End of shift

A date

But to me, It feels like I’ll never see you again.

See you.

Because I’ll always want to be in your arms.

To see your smile and taste your lips.

Laugh at every lame joke you have,

Watch the moon with you, half asleep.


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