Rage rant

Im so sorry if you guys are reading this rant. Cause i, myself cant even stand it. Maybe after that i can totally let go and get on with my life without feeling so much negative emotions exuding out when my tolerance level is being tested.

From here onwards contains heaving cursing and intense anger, if you are allergic to any of these, please do not continue reading.

Just because of ONE freaking dinner, YOU GUYS think you can be a fuck towards me and shit like that. Well i hope your journey has been smooth to fuckville asshole school. I was awkward and quiet and that’s what it took for you to be a jackass motherfucker. Right. Why am i surprised. What’s the deal with treating me like a bug cause i was upset that my best friend was getting cosy and hyper not with me? I was afraid of losing my bff. And all you could do was be a jerk and a shithead

I understand completely if you don’t like me cause my social skills are freaking awesome and i cant not be awkward with people i don’t cozy up to or with, but hell. I didn’t even know where to begin to see why you are a pissy jerk that spews insults and say it out loud in front of our colleagues to my face and think its okay to hurt someone. Come on. Seriously?!

What’s the deal? Then someone just pisses you off and you think you can walk like a big ass boss and tell the whole world that that guy is shit? Have you looked in the mirror and seen your flaws and how much people DISLIKE you? Oh wait. I’m sorry. You’re too freaking fat to even see yourself in the mirror. I pity the people who thinks you’re good and benevolent. Gag. Who are you trying to compete with? I have long given up on you so no thanks. What i can’t stand, is your character. You are a letdown to your religion. Even worse, you bring shame to your name, cause, you are named after your religion. Gosh. Seriously pathetic.

Honestly, I’m sorry if i made that night totally unforgettable cause of my little act, but please. Talk to me first to understand. Right forgot. You don’t care. It started from me, made me feel bad and horrible, but sokay. I’m gonna be the bigger person, like my sister said. Maybe one day, it does me good and help me out to find peace and light to releasing all my anger. Even though its so much easier when i know I’ll never see those people I have string hatred for. Maybe i could finally be at peace when i let it go like my boyfriend said.
So done man. This was seriously keeping me awake. Finally I feel tired.


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