Oxytocin levels sky high

Hello there!

So sorry its been long since i posted cause school got me down. But I’m back to finish up the rest of my krabi trip. I’ll be compiling day 4 and 5 cause there isn’t much I can say as it was almost the end of the trip but yup!

Day 4:

After we had breakfast at the resort, we booked out and started to head to our next destination. The hotel that my beloved boyfriend had always wanted to stay at. He booked a night at the hotel-resort before I even knew where I was headed. Centara Grand Beach resort and Villas. Since we were still at Railay, we had to take the longtail to the private hotel beach at the next island. We had to wait till there were enough people leaving to get a boat, however, after quite a long wait, my boyfriend approached a group of operators telling them where we were headed and they offered us a discounted price to leave immediately for 2 people.

We hoped on the longtail and on the way to the hotel, my boyfriend pointed out to me someone parachuting down a cliff onto a beach. It was an eye opener to see people doing crazy stuff and feeling free. We bumped along the waves and reached our destination. Getting out of the boat onto the pontoon was a ride as it isn’t your usual wooden planks but hollow plastic container things that follow the motion of the waves. I literally felt like i was walking on water! Getting to the reception area proved to be a bummer as we had no clue to where we were, but a kind staff helped to take my bag and lead the way to the reception counter for us to check in. Along the way, i looked around and took in my surroundings. Such a beautiful place, a palace. almost. When we reached the counter, my boyfriend did the talking,  and checking in procedure. They served us cool towels and drinks to freshen up. The coolness did some good to my sun burned skin. When he was done with the documents, a lady took my bag ( you realised its always my bag cause its big. My boyfriends bag is only a backpack) and lead us to a room. As we walked up the hill to our villa, she introduced the place to us and answered our curiosities.

The room was like none other i have seen in my life. The balcony was looking out to the sea, and the bed was in the middle of the room. The toilet was way cool!! A bathtub and a shower head. The toilet was just opposite with a door. One more thing that got my boyfriend playing like a kid was the retractable blinds at the door!!! It blew his mind and made him play with it till i was dizzy. But i found the alarm clock phone much more interesting. HAHA. At first we planned to go to the gym and go for a swim, but once we touched the bed, all plans went out of the balcony, even our lunch. I shan’t reveal what went on, but lets just say that we managed to get out for a fine dining dinner experience with really good food. We sat by the pool after dinner and talked till i shivered cold. Then we went back to our room to rest. Soak up in the bath bombs in the tub and cuddled in each others arms till i fell asleep first. HAHA. And when he tried to pull away, i didn’t let him.

Day 5.

Waking up early was a chore but he rained ardent kisses on me to wake me up and carried me to the bathroom to shower, after which, we packed our bags and left for breakfast, our very last at Krabi. We sat on the outside, looking at the fishes swim in the pond while eating. Having to leave was sad, but it was a good holiday. We waited at a hut by the pontoon and waited for the ferry to bring us back to mainland to take a cab to the airport. We waited and shopped with whatever they had before boarding and that was when i got a bad headache from the pressure of the plane going higher.

When we landed, he went out first, afraid that his parents might be receiving him and I went to the toilet to waste some time before heading out and taking a cab home. It was a rejuvenating, sun-burned, sexy crazy holiday and I loved it.



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