I called

I called the police. 

And with their radios and loaded belt, they came. 

“Is everything alright? ” they asked my mom.

I wanted to shout “No! Its not! Nothing is!” 

But i sniffed and walked away with teary eyes and worry in my mind.

How could anything be alright when it all started with “Put your laptop and phone outside. Its 10:30.” 

I have a ton of homework piling up. Projects due dates to meet and none done and term test drawing nearer with each hour gone by. 

School. Climb. Work. Study. On and on. Nothing changed. School. Climb. Work. Study. Chanted in my head like the prayers in a temple echoing to the nearby village. It resonates in my body. 

School. Climb. Work. Study. 

But like every reality tv show. There is always trouble brewing. It comes and attack like a sandstorm. 

He threatened to hit my mom. That was the last straw. He threatened me over the years like it was my drug. But now im sober. Im not under the toxic influence and i fight back with every fiber of my body till it burns. I can’t hear my ownself over the words i screamed and i whacked and punch the table till i screamed. 

Why has no one came to get me yet? 16 years and counting. Im still counting. Still burning. Still hurting. 

Still… Bleeding and crying. 

Iron and salt. Iron and salt. 

School. Climb. Work. Study. Iron and Salt. 

Iron and salt. 



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