How a heartbreak feels like

A heartbreak, from a break up, it feels like someone ripped your chest open and stole your heart, and all that is left is a hollow, empty feeling.

It feels like someone punched you in your gut over and over and you just can’t seem to get any air, your lungs start to fail you. Your mind filled with so many questions, your body feels weak and you just can’t move.

You’re paralyzed. Your body on total shut down, Multiple organ failure. You’re in shock, in denial, falling into something you don’t know what its called. Your throat constricts and your tongue taste like hot metal, you hyperventilate.

You feel like a zombie. Dead. Your mind crashes. All the plans made, all the promises, all the memories, all the words, they fill your head, popping up one by one and burning holes in every part of your body, you crunch into a ball and just, let the tears fall, you choke on your cries of pain and heartache.

Heart break feels very much like death on your death bed, taunting you like cancer.

But, a small fragment of your heart, left all alone in your chest is a small bundle of hope, that its not over, that there is still a chance as long as you can prove it. Determination sets in, you go crazy, you research on how to be a better person for the love of your life. There are no more “maybe” and “ifs”, its all “when” and “it will”, you remind yourself that there is still hope as long as you can be the better person that he needs you to be.

Hope, the one that once killed me, it has to now be the one thing that can save me. Save us, this relationship, Our Future.


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