Long Overdue

This rant is way long overdue. Like for real.

I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t even begin to understand how her brain works. Fuck.

I can’t stand it when she “have no intention of belittling me” but cuts into my enquiries and take over every damn thing cause as she once said to me “You can say it but your action says otherwise”. Well, heed your own damn advice, BITCH.

She needs to stop bossing me around AND start talking to me, only when things go wayward with her “boyfriend” and have no one to talk to / when trying to get info she wants. What the hell am I?! Your play toy?! FUCK. For fuck sake. You know, just cause I am nice to you after you put me through shit, I don’t deserve your fucked up attitude.


Honestly, I really hate it when she says the name of the love of my life. “___ told me”,       “Pass it to ___”  blah blah blah and since when do you call him by the way i do? Seriously fucked up man. What even?! I don’t even know what profanities i can stream out from my mouth cause i am too damn furious. Half the damn time when she links his name to something, it turns out false!!!!!! WHY IS SHE TRYING TO CREATE MISTRUST AND TROUBLE?!?!?! Why do you like to say bad things about people and then blame it on the person you told it to? If not you give your opinion of how bad a person is to someone and let them hate on that poor soul who did nothing wrong ( AKA Me?).

Call me an idiot, and a fool cause i realize that at the beginning i admired her for how she so casually say negative things to people and can get away with it so easily, and me being a stupid dumb fool, tried to do the same, and end up being in deep trouble many times?

I feel so damn stupid for all that. Really. But I realize that she is a greater fool for trying so hard to create tension and misunderstanding between me and him. Or probably, me and some other colleagues. You know why? Cause i see it all to clear now. I’m not going that little gullible and soft-hearted kid anymore. Its time to show how much more mature an wise i am.

I am not a little girl anymore. I won’t be so dumb to fall into social shits anymore. No, I’m wiser than that.





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