Today, tomorrow 

Today i am weak and im not afraid to say it. 

I woke up feeling anxious, something lodged in my chest to fill the void, but i still feel the emptiness because 

Its not you. Its the sadness. 

I got ready to leave the house, one week exactly to my exam, im going to meet my friends. 

I know where i must go, the busstop right across the street. But i walked into the MRT. I topped up my card, i tapped in and halfway, i realised

I was supposed to take the bus. I walked back out. Tapped out. 

Today, I don’t blame myself for my mistakes. I accept the emotionally wreckage and mental exhaustion. 

One day. Just one. I’m going to let myself drown in my sorrows. Just sink in the sinking feeling in my chest. Cause i know, not today, it won’t stop. 

Tomorrow, i will wake, and i will be better, it will be easier. I love myself enough to be better. 

Today’s pain will be my promise to tomorrow’s easier. 


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