Its hard to keep track of my progress. Whether I’m changing for the better or i still stayed the same. I’m not sure how to check the boxes when I’m unsure of everything.

Have i been sociable without saying negative things that offends people?

Have i considered people’s feelings before saying something?

Have i seen the positive of everyday?

Have i forgiven and be happy for people in my life?

Have I stopped being over-exaggerating when i’m feeling awkward?

Have the words that come out of my mouth been less confusing? Am i better with it?

Can i express my dislike without feeling guilty?

Should I have warned people that things were going to happen even though i know i will get the repercussions?

How do I stop the nagging feeling of a predicament that i know is going to happen, to go away and stop feeling anxious about it?

How do i know  that i have stopped focusing on the wrong thing and start being aware of the present?

I have been thinking about this a lot. Because I have been so stupid about things.

I had a really bad feeling that something was going to happen in our relationship and i was so focused on that, trying to find the problem that i have totally been unaware that i have myself to focus on. I was chasing the wolf that was finding me instead of focusing on getting myself to safety.

Have i changed at all? How will I know? How do i be my own guiding light when you were always mine?

What do I do? What can I do? Someone help me.




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