Would have been

Today is the day that we were supposed to be in Hong Kong, just like we discussed earlier this year, but things don’t go as planned, so here is a story of how it Would have been if we were already there.

We got off the plane, with our bags and walked through sensors and doors and finally stepped out into the cool, crisp air of Hong Kong. Finally, a much deserved break for the both of us, after my tiring semester of projects and exams and his exhausting planning and training for the upcoming Nationals season.

We got in a taxi to bring us to our hotel as the jet lag starts to set in on us. But, me? I was  already excited for our next big adventure. I bet he was thinking of the bathtub that we are going to soak in and the food, oh man, Dim sum and Hotpot. I leaned in closer to him and breathed in deeply, smiling to myself cause he always smells like home, comfort and so much love. We talked about our immediate plans for the next few hours and he kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled and tip toed to kiss him back on the lips. Our adventure is just beginning.

We book in to our hotel, and took the lift up to our room to unload our bags, and washed up a little. Then we lie on the bed, while letting the channels run whatever was playing. But of course i got bored, so i flipped over to kiss him. The desire burned strong and within a blink of an eye, i was under him.

*Inserts R21 content*

After we took a bath and while i got changed, he walked out of the toilet with his towel wrapped around his waist. I at that instant, turned into jelly and stared at him hopelessly. His wet hair and sparkly eyes, totally kissable lips and water droplets decorating his bare body. Goddamit, we are never getting out of this room to have our meals, at this rate, I’ll be pregnant before the end of our trip! My body tingled in response to the beauty in front of me, the one and only person i need. My present, future and forever. Gawds. I love him so much my heart aches.


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