Loss of Me & Work Thrills

I realized that I lost a whole lot of muscle & body mass. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I’m pretty sure I dropped to at least 35 plus kg.

Of course, it sounds pretty much skeptical. But how do I know? Simple.

My tightest tights that used to choke the living breath out of me, now, is so loose that I can fit my fist in without sucking in.

But then you might counter back saying, the elastic got loose after wearing it so much.    Uh uh. Its my 3rd time wearing it.

So Yes, I am wasting. My body is just breaking down itself.

On the side note, I’m actually pretty happy today, and that scares me. It really does. For one, I was more efficient and well, maybe less lazy or whatever, but out of 5-6 tasks assigned to 2 people who were supposed to do things together, I did 70% of the job. She took the easy job and actually took a break, I didn’t even get one! However, it leaves me in a good ass mood and it scares me.

I’m Not boasting about how efficient I am, But given that she is more relied on, on the “tougher” and “time-consuming” cause she does posters and manpower, and i have 2 splinted fingers and am suppose to lay off heavy work, I pushed myself to try to finish up everything but she? Goddamn, I kinda predicted that she would be slack but not this slack!.Huh. Maybe socializing with an ex-colleague was much more important than preparing for camp activities happening 3-4 hours later in the day.

So we were tasked with:
1) Vacuuming and moping the floor and mats
2) Cleaning the glass door
3) Prepping the dining area (Bringing out the tables and chairs to set up) – this was my job.
4) Counting and naming the individual participants’ shirts
5) Transferring data from an old sheet to a trial sheet
6) Planning where to hang memory cards along the high wall with an answer sheet.
7) 2 sets of endurance routes on the flat wall to route set.

She only did Vacuuming and number 4. I did the rest, non-stop, between classes, prepared and kept the equipment. I’m not complaining, I simply feel happy that out of 6 jobs that we were tasked to share the load, I did more, without complains. I DID NOT COMPLAIN! Such an Achievement for me!

But in any case, the tough labor work today caused my 2 injured fingers in a splint to be in a really bad shape and it hurts a lot now. Its actually swollen. I hope it gets better soon. Nonetheless, it was a good day. I woke up early for an appointment, was late but was not panicked, got groceries for the camp, worked hard and happily, saw the kids, and well, my love and probably gonna sleep early, I am Happy.


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