Its a Thursday and i promised myself that i would not mope at home today and go out with a book to sit at Starbucks and have some Me time and do some reflecting and personal development.

But, here i am on my bed, listening to the raindrops pitter-pattering outside, curled up in my blankets and worrying about stupid things and thinking about you till my heart hurts. I can’t get myself out of bed.

We love rainy days, and always talked about how it reminds us of each other and wished that we could curl up cuddling each other in this perfect weather. I miss you so much. I wonder if you do too.

I have that hidden hope and thinking that when i make a positive change, you would let me know and encourage me, even in subtle ways, and maybe when i have changed enough, that you’ll give us a chance again.

I hope that you’ll see how hard I’m trying despite the bad things people say and make you believe. I hope i’m becoming better, for you.



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