It was cold that day

That day, a Saturday, that one day where we have been waiting for, to go to the Coldplay concert at National Stadium. You were not working. It was high hopes if i I thought that you would bring me along. I wanted to be there too, with you but i could not.

I had an instinct that you went with your brother. It was his birthday after all. After work, I rushed down to stadium to stand outside the gates, where i could still hear and enjoy the concert like so many others were, without tickets.

As I walked, I heard them play your favourite song, “Yellow”. I sang along as i searched for the toilet to change out of my work clothes. I started to tear up and choke on those tears falling. I rushed as fast as i could so i can get a good viewpoint from whatever could be seen from the closed gates. I remember how cool the wind was because it had just rained hours earlier.

I stood and listen to what could have been my second concert in my 22 years of life, the whole time, my mind was on you. I could almost feel you beside me, your presence, your heart, tugging on mine as the concert played on. I wondered if you felt it too? I wondered If you remembered our late night conversations on “Amazing day” where you said you would have serenaded me with on our wedding day. I kept scrolling our text while listening to the song, I cried a couple of times.

It was definitely an emotional night for me. I wonder how it was for you. All i could think about was how stupid i was to screw up what good i had with you. I feel so dejected. I was definitely a cold night for me. I’m always cold without you.



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