It feels empty not being able to talk to you in this new semester when i started internship. It kills me not being able to open up our conversation and joke with you about my first day sitting in the office learning how to read chinese. 

I kept looking forward to seeing you pick me up after work in my office attire, and you would just tease me endlessly about how i look in it. 

Remember once you told me the story of your dream? Where you tore of my clothes and got naughty? The times where you would ask me for photos whenever i needed to wear my formal attire? 

Gawds. I miss you so much. Because every milestone that I am going through right now, brings me back to so many things we have talked about and all i feel is my heart shattering. 

I just hope that you’ll wake up from that slumber and see things, see the truth. I just need you to… 😞


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