Master of manipulation 

Here we are, at this cross point of lies and deception and my truth.

My Words aren’t just words but they are words of just words.

Yours, They are letters that make a sentence that spills out of your rotten mouth. The falsehood of my story.

The fabrication of perception that you have so convincingly told to him, and under all that words and pretense, i chose be kind though i see it clearly, and yet, im the one with the most scarred face.

Aren’t you at all guilty? Don’t you find shame in your rumours and ideas you seed into people’s minds?

Fake and toxic is your middle name. Alas, i finally see that your beauty is only skin deep, while your core is as grotesque as cyanide.

I admired you, long ago before i saw the slow and painful massacre to everyone around you. What a fool. A fool i was.

You’re the master manipulator and I, a simpleton. We are the pieces of your chess game, your puppets to the show.

But no more, I tried to be amicable, but you have heartlessly thrown it away. I refuse to bear this burden you have loaded on me any further.

It is time to drop your pretentious façade and cut off your ties to our strings. Leave! You devious bitch!


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