I wished they were real

I dreamt of you and woke up feeling you. Twice in a week, I remembered the dream. You were so close. I was holding you so so tight, refusing to let go.

The first night. I was going overseas for a trip, a study/work trip. I went alone, but suddenly, you popped up. Just like how you did with my Bali trip. I was so excited to see you. We went around together, even though I had classes, you stayed. You made sure I ate, that i was taken care of, just like you always have. But this time, you were less strict with me, you cued me in on conversations and socializing and when i got stuck and didn’t know how to answer, you would help me answer and smile at me kindly. You gave me gentle reminders to live easier. But all too soon, i snapped out of the dream.

The next dream is slightly sadder. A little confusing even.

We were going out, somehow we were, not together fully but i was clinging on to you like how i normally would. You didn’t push my away but when i bury my head into your arm, you “Tsk” me and gave me an angry face. We were running errands and you let me hold you. I was confused, my conscious being was so confused in the dream. I felt like i had you back-ish. These dreams are so…. perplexing.

Have I told you? I sometimes dream of things and they somehow come out to be real? Some times I dream it, and sometimes i sense it. But I never get to correct it on time before something bad happens. It makes me upset that i know i had the chance to do something but i am just never on time.


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