It was all those things that made me less of a woman

It was the way men leered at me while I walked down the aisle.
The way they objectify me using fruits or structures or property claims
It was the way they held me mold me like a clay vase,
to become what they desired me to be
A sex doll, a pawn in a chess game, I was never allowed to win.

It was the words that slashed me
The hurt they forced me to eat
“Cannibal!” He shouted at me.
What was it? Was it me?

The look-away eyes of disgust and disbelief,
Looks was all they wished me to see.
They tried to shape me, into a game of their own intensity,
I bled profusely.
Like a torn favourite tee, I was used frequently.

I was the leaf the fell to the ground
Detached from the roots that I once used to have
Crunched by the feet that my eyes once met.

All these made me less
A woman I never once thought i would be.
A woman my daughter would never ever be.


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