2017, you’ve been naughty.

Since everyone is doing the New Years dedication post, I decided to be a sheep and do the same.

NAH, that’s BS. I’m not a trend follower, who am I kidding? I’m doing this for me. As a closure for everything good and everything bad that has happened that either made me a better or for worse kinda person.

So here goes everything this year. It is about 18 minutes to 1 January 2018 and for some reason, the whole world is ushering 2018 with a bang of all kinds, like as if when the fireworks go off, their reset button would appear and reset their life to where they hope they could take off from.

But, it doesn’t feel any different for me, i just feel that i need closure, for a lot of things that have happened. Shut the door behind me and take the window instead, smaller entry, brighter exit. So here is a list of Nay and Yay of 2017 and my hopes for a better future.


  • BROKEN HEART. I got my heart broken earlier in the year and i spent most of the year trying to mend that heart, till i realized that i could just shut the broken pieces behind a vault and handle the emotions when it shooked.
  • INTERNSHIP WAS A DISASTER. I swear the society is a bunch of rubbish, especially with bad bosses. THANK THE UNIVERSE ITS OVER. 5 months of that crap is enough for a lifetime of regrets.
  • FINAL YEAR PROJECT. Actually, it’s not that bad, it is just the anticipation of graduation that is killing everyone!
  • TOXIC PEOPLE. To hell with them. Screwed up what was going right and I JUST REALLY HATE THEM. Good riddance and here is to never to hear from you again. Practically spoiled my mood with one text. UGGHHH.


  • LEARNING TO BE BETTER. After the hardship of having a broken heart, I guess it was impossible to hide away from myself, my ugly self and I went on a long journey  (of research and self-discovery of many limits) to learn to be a better person.
  • I STARTED READING AGAIN. Even if it is not as much as i hoped for, i know i am making progress.
  • I STARTED DANCING! I joined a ballet class and it is just my happy place. A place where my mind can be still.
  • I AM FULL OF HOPE. A lot of things hasn’t been going great but hey, my ball of hope hasn’t run out at all.


So yeap. What a review of the past year and i hope that now i have shut this door, I will be opening a window to more positivity in 2018, starting with opening the windows to my room cause my room needs some fresh air. HAHA.

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope y’all have a better 2018 and keep the love alive!



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